Monday, 26 May 2014

Upcoming Events: May 29 and June 10

Upcoming events for Agile South Coast...


May 29 2014 is the next meeting at the Unicorn Training HQ in Bournemouth. It will be a Lean Coffee session, and I'll be coming along hoping to talk and learn about Lean ideas in Agile. I'm sure that Adrian H will correct me on my terminology every time I confuse Lean, Lean Startup, and Lean UX!

I'd also like to talk about story points in Scrum. If you work in a Scrum team and you estimate stories in Points (or "Ideal Days"), do you re-estimate the points for a story that starts to look time consuming when you look at it in detail during sprint planning?

If there's anything Agile that you'd like to share or ask about, just register (free) via the EventBrite link and come along!

Free registration via EventBrite:


In Southampton Dave Mace suggested that we should run a Games Night at the next ASC session at the Ordnance Survey HQ. We're going to try out some collaboration activities and learning activities that should be a lot of fun and good to take back in to our own teams. 

That's on June 10, select the right date in the drop down on this page to register for free: 


Finally, here's one that's likely to be of interest to people here: an Open Space Discussion on the #NoEstimates ideas that started on Twitter. That's in Basingstoke on May 27. A busy couple of weeks!

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