Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Scrum Master: Selling the Role [ASC Southampton 2014-05-13]

Elevator pitch for the role of Scrum Master

Disclaimer: These are my notes on a topic from the Agile South Coast meet-up in Southampton in May 2014. They are unlikely to represent the views of other attendees, and by the time you read this, they are possibly no longer my own views either!

We met in the smart new Ordnance Survey HQ in Southampton

Topic 1 of 3 up for discussion was the following question and challenge:

What responsibilities does a Scrum Master have? Explain this to a non-Agile trained CEO or Marketing professional 

As usual we split to smaller groups to discuss each question, and summarised our views back to the full group at the end of the evening.

I've put pictures of each group's flip charts at the bottom of this post. Because the person who suggested this topic was not in our group to explain it we decided to interpret it as "Give your 30 second 'elevator pitch' for selling a new Scrum Master role to a busy CEO." We didn't quite get to that stage on the evening, but  here's my elevator pitch distilled from what we spoke about:

Scrum is a process framework that provides transparency in software development, and enables better predictability and efficiency in delivering valuable new features to customers. In order to do this the development process will change, and the organization will change to support this. 

As a Scrum Master I will coach the delivery team and business in fostering an Agile culture of continuous improvement. Day to day I will facilitate the planning and collaboration necessary for the team to estimate the effort required to deliver new value, learn from the work that they do, and respond to learning and changed requirements during their work. 

(The words above do assume that a Scrum Master is intending to follow the Scrum process framework, and that the business in question delivers value by creating new software - neither are necessarily true.)    

What would your 30 second executive elevator pitch be?

Here are pictures of the flip-charts from each of the 3 groups that discussed this topic:

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