Sunday, 25 May 2014

What is a Servant-Leader? [ASC Southampton 2014-05-13]

What makes a good Servant-Leader?

The final topic of three discussed at the Agile South Coast meet up at the Ordnancy Survey HQ in Southampton on May 13: What makes a good Servant-Leader?

Scrum Masters are often described as "Servant-Leaders to the Team", but the question doesn't directly reference scrum masters, so our discussions weren't constrained to the Scrum Master role. 

First up is to agree that what Servant Leadership is! "Leadership without authority", or perhaps "Leadership without exercising power" seem reasonable.

Commonalities from our discussions were that a good servant leader would be
  • Humble (seeking to collaborate and serve)
  • Available (present and approachable)
  • Inspiring and Influential (charismatic, well connected)
  • Empowering (coaching and mentorship)
  • Knowledgeable and Experienced (able to provide direction and vision)
Check the white-board photos for the full range of ideas from the group on the night. Also, see this great link that John Barratt found after the event: The Best Leaders are Humble Leaders

Are you a servant leader? How does it guide the way that you work with the people in your team? 

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