Thursday, 5 June 2014

Virtual Attendee Options for Agile South Coast?

Virtual Attendee Options for Agile South Coast?

Some of the Agile South Coast crowd in Bournemouth
Thank you to Stuart Jones for getting me remote video conference access in to the most recent Agile South Coast meet up at Unicorn Training HQ in Bournemouth last week!

I'm not sure if this would be a regular option, but it worked well for me as the only remote participant. If Stuart wants to invest in a webcam to stick above the big screen in the room it would probably be possible to see everyone at the same time!

Obviously I missed out on the pub discussions afterwards, but it was an interesting evening of on-line chat.

On the evening we spoke about when to re-estimate story points (in Scrum), and then about the advantages of integrating Lean ideas in to an Agile development process. (I'll try to summarise our conclusions on that separately.)

Making this a regular option might mean that fewer people travel out to the venue, but if the overhead of running the on-line option is small, then it could be worth continuing.

What do people think? Has anyone got any experience running a user group and allowing on-line attendance, is it useful, or too much hard work?

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