Friday, 3 October 2014

Mob Programming at the September Agile South Coast Bournemouth meeting

At September's Agile South Coast Bournemouth meeting we discussed mob programming — think of it as pair programming turned up to 11 where the whole team shares one keyboard.

Woody Zuill discovered the technique with his team — and has been writing about it on for for a while. Woody kindly agreed to join us remotely via Skype (sorry — no recording!).

You can watch Woody talk on mobbing from Øredev 2013:

Along with a time-lapse of a day of mob programming with Woody's team here:

Woody summarised mobbing as:
All the brilliant people
Working on the same problem
At the same time
On the same computer
Some of the points we discussed were:

  • How mobbing helped alignment within the team
  • How it removed the necessity of some "standard" practices (e.g. you don't need stand ups because everybody already knows what everybody else was doing)
  • How mobbing helped foster a sense of safety since everybody was always aware of how decisions came about.
Give the talk a watch — it's worth your time.

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